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16th May 2017

Pep Guardiola admits he’s getting “second chance” at Manchester City

Guardiola admits that former clubs would have sacked him for failing to challenge for title

Pep Guardiola enjoyed a fantastic start to the 2016/17 season with Manchester City, although the run of ten victories was followed by indifferent form which quickly saw the team drop out of the title race.

While City are likely to land a top four spot to qualify for the Champions League next term, the season will be regarded as something of a failure, especially after losing to Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-finals.

Guardiola is certainly aware that his second season in charge needs to reap rewards, with the Spaniard admitting that Barcelona or Bayern Munich might have previously sacked him for this kind of season.

“Here they gave me a second chance and we will try to do it,” he said. “In my situation at a big club I’m sacked. I’m out. Sure. Definitely. At the clubs I worked at before I am not here [for the following season], but here we have a second chance and we will try to do it better than this season.”

Asked if Barcelona and Bayern would have sacked him, Guardiola said: “Yeah, because I have to win. You have the titles [headlines] for tomorrow in the newspaper, you are happy, eh? Yeah? Yeah, sure, definitely.”