Football News

16th Apr 2018

Jose Mourinho calls for Manchester United to be more consistent

Mourinho unhappy with the attitude of some Manchester United players

Manchester United supporters have spent a week celebrating a derby victory, although Sunday’s match against West Brom was the ultimate anti-climax. A 1-0 defeat meant that Manchester City were crowned champions.

Jose Mourinho was disappointed after the defeat but claims that he still has the ability to deliver titles at Manchester United.

“I trust in my work,” he said. “I have no reason not to – eight titles and three Premier Leagues and the last Premier League was not 20 years ago. It was three years ago and I know how to win. I believe in myself but I don’t play.

“I don’t know if I was the first or second or third but I congratulated them face to face when I had the chance,” Mourinho said. “If I was in their position, I would be very upset if someone said they won because United lost against West Brom. They won because they were the best team and lost only a few points.”

“Probably because I won eight championships, I was not in the moon with the victory against them [City]. It was only three points. That didn’t make me feel super happy and, in my opinion, it affected some of the people that were too happy. I have lots of experience because I won eight titles and I was not over the moon … but I saw lots of people who were on the moon. During the week I was trying to fight that.

“With my experience you don’t titles with inconsistency. You win, of course, with quality, but with consistency in every level, not just the performance level but also the mental level. One of the things we have to improve is consistency.”