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Betting Calculator Information

The betting calculator is a great free tool to help betting enthusiasts get the most out of their stake. Follow the instructions below to compare the latest odds and betting types.

  1. Choose your bet – Select from 18 types of betting types including Single bets, Six fold, Heinze and Yankees.
  2. Your Stake (£) – Choose your betting amount (in pounds). You can select to bet any amount but the more stake will result in a greater rewards.
  3. Odds Type – Choose the type of odds to be displayed, our betting calculator uses a decimal to fraction convertor so you have the choice of fractions odds (most preferred in UK style betting) or decimal (used in Europe, Australia and Canada).
  4. Win Odds – Enter the calculated odds, these don’t need to be taken from an online bookie but entering actual odds will return realistic and accurate returns on a bet.
  5. Click Calculate – Simply click the Calculate My Bet button to instantly see your winnings, you can choose Each Way & Place tabs to see the returns from different results.

Looking to find the best odds to get the greatest return from your stake, see our Best Odds page to view the latest offers from the biggest online bookmakers.